Ninjago Filler

Animated the first shot of Chen being bored

Ninjago Master Chen Filler

Watch my Bachelor Film "The Backwater Gospel"

I made this film in 2010, alongside eight fellow students, as our collective bachelor project, graduating from The Animation Workshop. It went on to win #1 prizes on film festivals world wide. And look! A Vimeo Staff Pick!

Olsen Banden II

Danish feature film Olsen Banden II - I animated from 1:25 to the end of this

Core - LEGO Star Wars - 1HY16 TVC

I did 3D previs and camera work on all live-action and animated the 3D
shots with Jean-Pierre Morales

Buildable Figures Sets - LEGO Star Wars - TVC

I animated the 3D shots along with Jean-Pierre Morales

Ragana's Evil Castle - LEGO Elves - TVC

I did 3D pre-vis for this live-action commercial

Constraction - LEGO Star Wars

Prepare for Anything! - LEGO Ninjago - WU-CRU



Awards & Selections

Backwater Gospel: Winner of the Innovative Design Award at Hamburg Animation Awards 2011.

Backwater Gospel: Winner of the Student Film Award at Citrus Cel Animation Festival Florida 2011

Venus and The Backwater Gospel in selection at The Annecy Animation Festival 2011