Curriculum Vitae

Name:         Tue Toft Sørensen
Born:           September 27th, 1985


Phone:         (+45) 26717174

Work Experience:

2012-now           Animator at Wil Film A/S
                        LEGO NINJAGO, STARWARS TV-series and
                        Erik Wilstrup

2011-12           Animator at Danish studio A-Film
                        3D Feature film "Niko II - Family Affairs"
                        Dir. Jørgen Lerdam

2011                Animator on DSB Commercial
                        3D commercial for Danish Railroad Company
                        GUNGHO Visual Effects

2011                Animator on "Hummel - Karma United" 
                        Campaign and commercial for Danish fashion
                        and sportswear brand Hummel.

2011                2D animator on TV series "The Pandas"
                        Dir. Anders Morgenthaler and
                        Mikael Wulff
                        Copenhagen Bombay

2011                Compositor on "Zomedy"
                        Eye replacement tracking and comp.
                        Greenscreen artist
                        Adobe AfterEffects & Mocha
                        A film by Dir. Mads Grage and Jacob E. Hinchely
                        The Danish Film Institute

2010                2D animator and compositor on "Snow Wars"
                        An animated short film by dir. Troels Cederholm
                        The National Film School of Denmark

2010                3D animator on "Superclásico"
                       Gungho VFX
                       a feature film by dir. Ole Christian Madsen
                       a Nimbus Film production

2010                Animator Internship at Nice Ninja
                        2D Water effects animator on "Carlos Casino"
                        Dir. Jan Rahbek

2010                Intern at Duckling VFX

2010                Animator, scratch sound designer and 
                        animatic supervisor
                        "The Backwater Gospel"
                         Bachelor film - The Animation Workshop

2009-2010        Animator on short film “Venus”
                       graduation film by dir. Tor Fruergaard
                       of The National Film School of Denmark, animated
                       in stop motion.
                       Copenhagen, Denmark

2009                 Animator on Karin and The Hidden Lake
                        Videogame by dir. Petter Madegaard of The
                        National Film School of Denmark
                        A production by The Danish Academy of
                        Digital Interactive Entertainment
                        Winner of Nordisk Film Festivals GoVisual Contest
                        for Best visuals of the year.
                        Copenhagen, Denmark

2009                  Voice actor on "Nevermore", videogame by
                         dir. Troels Cederholm of The National
                         Film School of Denmark.
                         The voice of the evil teddy bear.
                         Copenhagen, Denmark

2009                  Designer of five by five meter lion birthday cake
                         for 40th birthday of Givskud Zoo
                         Event attended by more than five thousand people
                         and covered by Danish media.
                         Givskud, Denmark


2001-2002      Midtjysk Ungdomsskole
                     Boarding school in Jutland, Denmark featuring
                     theatre, music and athletics.
                     Ejstrupholm, Denmark
2002-2005      Horsens Statsskole (college)
                     Majoring in A-level English, Spanish as well as arts and
                     crafts. A gymnasium in the Danish system is a mix
                     between senior high school and college. It prepares
                     the student for college.
                     Horsens, Denmark

2006              The Drawing Academy, twenty week course in
                     classical drawing.
                     The Animation Workshop, Via University College
                      Viborg, Denmark

2006               Media College, half year course in web design,
                      Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and basic html
                      Viborg, Denmark

2007-2010       Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation,
                      The Animation Workshop, Via University College,
                       Viborg, Denmark

        1. Year     2D Animation, Storyboarding, Character Design.
                       One month collaboration with dir. Jeppe Sandholt
                       producing classic 2D animated short "Jacuzzi
                       One month collaboration with The National
                       Film School of Denmark animating 2D short
                       film "Drivhuseffekten".

        2. Year     3D Animation, one month participation in videogame
                       with The Danish Academy of Digital
                       Interactive Entertainment (

        3. Year     Production of 3D short film, The Backwater Gospel,
                       Animation, scratch sound design, character design
                       and development, story development and
                       Three months collaboration with The National Film
                       School of Denmark animating graduation films.

Additional information:

Teachers include:

Alex Williams (Disney, Cinesite)- 2D and 3D animation
Christian Kuntz - dialogue animation
Mike Krumbhofner (Pixar), 3D Modeling in Maya
Artem Alexeev - classical drawing
Isaac Kerlow (Disney, Dreamworks)- storytelling and script writing
Abelone Koppel - idea development and storytelling
Don Phillips - 3D rigging in Maya
Lawrence Marvitt (Disney)- elements of design, composition and color theory.
Jerica "Rikki" Cleland  (Pixar)- improv, cinematography and story structure

Among many others.

Languages spoken:

Danish and English fluently.
German and Spanish

Software capabilities include:

Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects
Toon Boom Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Adobe Flash
TVPaint, Plastic Animation Paper, Adobe Premiere, Stop Motion Pro
Animo, Adobe Audition and Pro Tools.


I have been playing guitar for more than ten years and
I am an enthusiastic singer.